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We are Ethical breeders who have over 15 years experience breeding Quality French Bulldogs. We care for our pups through a healthy diet, love and attention. We share our process with you so that you know your future dog was raised appropriately.

15+ Years Experience

Professionally raised Pure Bred

Puppies are hand raised in Home

Origin of Frenchies

The modern French Bulldog breed descends directly from the dogs of the Molossians, an ancient Greek tribe. The dogs were spread throughout the ancient world by Phoenician traders. British Molossian dogs were developed into the English Mastiff. A sub-breed of the Mastiff was the Bullenbeisser, a type of dog used for bull-baiting. Blood sports such as bull-baiting were outlawed in England in 1835, leaving these "Bulldogs" unemployed; however, they had been bred 
for non-sporting reasons since at least 1800, so their To reduce their size, some Bulldogs were crossed with terriers, ratter dogs from the "slums" of England. By 1850, the Toy Bulldog had become common in England and appeared in conformation shows when they began around 1860. These dogs weighed around 16–25 pounds (7.3–11.3 kg), although classes were also available at dog shows for those who weighed under 12 pounds (5.4 kg).

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Steve Cook loves our puppies. See his dog he got from us. @HobbesCook

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  • ~ Sadie ~

    "We cannot thank you enough for Sadie 'Southern Comfort' Blue. She is everything a French Bulldog should be and we love her more than anything.We would also like to thank you for the ease of our purchase. Everything went so well and you were very helpful, easy to reach and informative. We will give Sadie plenty of kisses from you and she's so snugly that I'm sure she will give them back tenfold!"

    -Kristy And Katie
  • ~ Bear ~

    "Hi Julie! We LOVE him! Bear has been so great! His demeanor is awesome! He is such a snuggler and full of energy. He is truly a sweet little guy! He is also SO handsome! Everyone dotes on him when he is out and about and we are frequently asked about what type of dog he is and where we got him! Thanks again for bringing this little guy into our lives! He is very special and very loved!"

    -XO- Jill & Family
  • ~ Caviar ~

    "Hi Julie, I wanted to let you know that we absolutely adore our Caviar. As you know we have 3 other frenchies and by far she is the most loving. She doesn't even snore! She has developed an excellent confirmation and her strong bloodlines are obvious to see. People literally stop me on the street to see her. But more importantly I truly appreciate your professionalism and ease of transaction. We are so lucky that you have entrusted us with her. Thank you so much. Keep up the great work. The world needs more Southern Utah Frenchies!!"

    -Vicki Burnett
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