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Family Life

The French Bulldog is happy in any loving environment. They are wonderful companions to small children who love to play dress-up . In a family situation frenchies behave like a child, demanding a great deal of personal attention and interaction.

While principally bred to be companions, the French Bull dog is remarkably intelligent and serves as a good watchdog.

Living Conditions

French Bulldogs absolutely have to live indoors. Frenchies cannot stand the heat and will overheat very easily because of their flat faces. They are house dogs whose niche in life is to be an adored pet. Frenchies make good apartment dogs, but they do enjoy roaming outside on a lead.

Extreme Caution: Frenchies love the water but have very short legs and cannot swim on their own. they MUST wear a life jacket or be supervised around water.


Very easy. Just bath and brush. But please keep their adorable eye wrinkles clean.


The French Bulldog has the appearance of an active, intelligent, muscular dog of heavy bone, smooth coat, compactly built and of medium or small structure.

Height: 11-13 inches - well balanced and in good proportion.
Weight: not to exceed 28 lbs.

Coat: The coat is moderately fine, brilliant, short, smooth and easy to keep clean. Skin is soft and loose, especially at the head and shoulders, forming wrinkles.


Well behaved, adaptable, and comfortable companions with an affectionate nature and even disposition; generally active, alert, and playful, buy not unduly boisterous.

Expressions: alert, curious, and interested.

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