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~ Buddha Blue ~
"Hi Julie,
Here is another updated picture of Buddha! We love him, he is doing wonderful! Could not have asked for a better pup!"

~ Charlie ~
"Hi Julie-
I just want to say thank you sooooo much for her. She is doing excellent. Some of the blue pigmentation from her face dulled out a bit to the point that I was able to show her in UKC and ABKC with recieving a dq. She currently CH with ABKC and is 1 major away from earning her UKC CH tittle. She stayed short thick and cobby. She has the best personality. In one of the pictures I attached you can see she was trying to chew on her trophy. I wish you luck and I am sure you will produce more beautiful puppies. 

UPDATE: Charlie is on a roll. She is now the Nations number one Frenchy with the ABKC. She also passed her AKC CGC Tittle and one more step needed to be a service dog. She has 5 YES, 5 Best in Show's under her belt and Grand Championed! Charlie has now won Best of Breed at ABKC NATIONALS 2 years in a row!! Way to go Charlie! Sylvia, you are amazing! Can't wait to see the Gomez bullies she produces!"

~ Capucine ~
"Hi Julie!!
Thank you again!!!
Capucine is doing great, she's a wonderful dog. She's really smart, smarter than Clouseau, but don't tell him I said so, and very affectionate. They've been best friends since we brought her home and they play together constantly. She's delightful, and they are really cute together.

Most people in NY have never seen a blue Frenchie, so we get stopped constantly, and she has to be one of the most photographed dogs in history. They are so cute together, it's fun to walk them and just see the smiles they put on the faces of people that pass by.

I took this picture earlier this summer, so she's probably grown a little bit since. She's about 20 pounds now and filling out nicely. I'll send another photo separately that is a closer shot of her adorable little face.

We gave your contact info to one of the couples in our neighborhood that have a Frenchie and are looking for another one, so if you get a call that's why.Thanks again Julie, and we hope you and your family are having a great summer!"

~ Gerry ~
"Hi Julie,
I wanted to send you some photos of Gerry. We just love him to pieces! His personality is really starting to come out - very sweet, playful, lots of energy and wants to love on everyone (and everyone loves him). We have him in a puppy training class, and he does great with most commands, but sure has a stubborn streak and doesn't know his puppy manners yet when playing with other dogs (but he is still a baby, we're not too worried). But really, we couldn't be happier! So thanks for producing such a sweet lil' guy.
Here is a silly video of a "trick" we are "teaching" Gerry: 
And the pictures were from a couple weeks ago - he's much bigger now. I'm happy to keep sending some as he gets grows.

~ Yoshi ~
"Hi Julie,
Hope you had a great holiday with your beautiful family. Ours was amazing. Getting Yoshi is the best thing that Mike and I have ever done! He is practically famous out here. Everyone always has to stop us and ask about him because he is "sooo handsome". We go to the dog park a couple times a week and he makes his rounds saying hi to everyone before he plays with the other dogs, and the people at Petsmart all know him by name. He just graduated puppy class today and the trainer said that he is one of the smartest dogs she's ever had in her class. So thank you so much again for bringing him into our lives. We love him with all of our hearts. I'm attaching some pics for you to see how big and beautiful he is. Talk to you soon."

~ Belle ~

We want to thank you again for our beautiful BlueBelle Julie. She is just perfect and we could not ask for a better girl. Her conformation is exemplary and her temperament is outstanding! Belle has been very social and confident from day one and it was very obvious that she was well loved and raised with much care by you and your family. She is not only an asset to our breeding program but a cherished family member who brings us so much joy. She is our sweet, affectionate, gorgeous, goofy girl and everyone (people and animals alike) just adore her. She was well worth the wait and we feel truly blessed to own her. We look forward to adding another of your beautiful pups to our family in the future."

~ Stewart ~
Just wanted to thank you again for Stewart! It's his first birthday tomorrow, and I can't imagine life without him! He's grown up into quite the handsome fellow... with quite the personality.
Was just on your website, the new puppies are adorable! I'm already working on my husband for another frenchie... but honestly he's so in love with the "Stu-Man" that I don't think it's going to take too much coaxing.
Thank You!"

~ Chloe ~

I have wanted a French Bulldog for years and, thanks to Southern Utah Frenchies, the dream is now a reality. It was your knowledge and support that made the difference for this cautious dog lover. Moreover, you acknowledged the importance of my decision, and it was comforting to know that Chloe’ was born in a caring home. A home where every precaution was exercised to ensure a healthy, happy puppy.

Now, I cannot imagine life without the joy generated by a Frenchie. Chloe’ is the family member who needs no introduction. She is as gentle as she is strong. I wish I possessed her steady watchfulness and patience. While she has a kiss and snort for everyone, she reminds me daily that our connection is special. Sitting on my foot, waiting at the door, curling up in my lap or being my apprentice around the house are just a few of the ways she expresses her love.

Thank you for the gift that keeps on giving."

-Tammy P.
~ Lillaballe ~
"Dear Julie,
It was so sweet of you to think of us and our Lilly that you have done such an amazing job with. We appreciate all that you have done to make this such a memorable and exciting experience. Nettie is thrilled to be a new momma."

~ Mr. Pickles ~
"Hi Julie-
Everything is going wonderful with us. He is so good and is growing into a total studmuffin. He is so smart and is a total local celebrity. Everyone just falls in love with him and ask where i got him so i have been handing out your info quite a bit. He hasnt shown any aggression towards other males and is still mellow. He loves other dogs and i think he would be so happy if we added to our family. I emailed a lady and told her how wonderful you and your puppies were. I told her the only downside to going through you was that i only got one when i should have gotten two. LOL. I sent some other pics so you can see how handsome he is although please ignore the boo boo on his face. He keeps faceplanting down the stairs. I think he thinks his legs are longer than they really are.LOL. I have been slathering neosporin and organic vitamin e oil on it to keep the scarring down. This is the second time he has done this and in the same exact spot. I think i need to invest in a helmet for him!"

~ Theo ~
"Hi Julie!
Our little Frenchie isn't so little anymore! After five years of being together, I finally proposed to Cait at Sundance and Theo was a big help by delivering the ring on his collar. He's such a good boy and we love him dearly. Hope all is well with you and your family!"



~ Gus ~

Happy New Years! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season. I just wanted to write and give you an update.

Gus is wonderful. Everyday I find new reasons to love him. He is beautiful, loving, and playful. Plus he is a great snuggler. And our wheaton just loves him.

My mom and I have loved having baby Gus around for the holidays. We are so in love with him, we want to ask you about purchasing a second frenchie in the next two years. We love the look of the dark brown and blue puppies (either solid or brindle). How would we be able to put in a request in the next year or two? Thanks so much again. We absolutely adore our sweet little French man. We could not be happier!"

~ Chuka ~

He is so adorable and doing great! He is a boy that loves going to the city and riding in the truck. I love his head and he is so stocky with the shortest legs. He is our baby!"

~ Gabriella Blue ~
"HI Julie!
Just wanted to send some updated photos of our Gorgeous Girl Gabriella! She turned One today! I could not be more proud nor happy with this Amazing Girl! She has the most Funny and Happy personality! She is strong willed and just goes with the flow LOL I couldn't have asked for a more healthy, robust girl either...Julie you produce some of the most Stunning French Bulldogs around! All of your French Bulldogs and especially the puppies are so loved and well socialized before any of Us get them. Thank You for being so Wonderful and one of the Most Honest and Good Breeders out there hands down!
I Love Gabriella and plan to add yet another one of your Beauties to our little Frenchie home...Soon! Put me on your wait list!!
Gabriella looks a ton like her Stunning Daddy Zeus! Love that Boy and of course her thick Amazing Momma Lacy! I couldn't have found a more wonderful person/family for Lacy!
Thank you Thank you Thank you Julie once again for our One of a kind girl Gabriella Blue!
God Bless."

~ Maggie ~
"Maggie lives in fabulous Vegas!"

~ Caviar dream ~
"his is the very beautiful Caviar modeling her mommies Handmade Pet Beds. They are so beautiful with many choices to choose from. Every new puppy deserves a gorgeous new pet bed! Please check out her Etsy shop at QueenTunaFishDesigns or her website"

~ Cora ~
"Cora is a ball of fun. She has so much personality, and is just our little clown! We love her to bits, and she has the best temperament of any dog we've ever met. She wants to meet every person and every dog, and it is very hard to go anywhere without people wanting to meet her. Julie and her family take very good care of their Frenchies. Cora came to us very well socialized and passed the vet exam with flying colors! Thanks again, Julie!"


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