About Us

So, why French Pitbulls?
Hello, I'm Julie and I live in sunny Southern Utah. I have 4 adorable kids and a wonderful husband, and our family loves French bulldogs. We live in a beautiful 4,600 sq. ft. home with a large fenced in backyard and a lot of grass. Plenty of room for our Frenchies to run, play and clown around. At our house we love & spoil our wonderful Frenchies.
Each one has their own different personality and each one of my kids, is attached to different dog. Our dogs get loads of love and attention. They come with us in the car to drop the kids off at school and love to go with us to soccer and baseball games. hey get a lot of attention at the kids' games. People can't help but stop by and pet and kiss our little guys.
French Bulldogs are surely a show stopper, Especially our Blue Frenchies. Our puppies are well socialized and given a lot of love before leaving our home. Our goal is to provide Healthy, Happy well Tempered French bulldogs. We hope that you will share in the love and joy that comes with owning a French Bulldog.

Your pup is ready

How can you resist those puppy eyes?
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